Drop The Fear.

Fear can be a sticky thing. Give it a place to grab hold and it can suck you down into a muddy pit. You might even feel that you’re going under, with little hope of rising back up.

But God the Father has His strong and caring hand extended out to you. He’s waiting for you to grab hold of His hand! Grab his Hand and drop the fear!

Sometimes fear can be overwhelming. Sometimes you may feel as though you can’t help but feel fear. But, God is able and willing to help you! And once you’re “up from the mud” His firm grasp is always there to keep you from sinking again even when the ground underneath you is unsteady.

Let go of fear and hold on to God’s loving hand. Drop it.

Things to Ponder:

Have you ever felt stuck due to fear? How did you change how you felt?
Are you currently feeling stuck because of fear?
Is there something that is stopping you from taking God’s helping hand? If so, go ahead and ask God to give you the strength to hold His hand and trust Him and let go of the fear.

Take it to the King after you answer and watch the Comforter take over.