Father we petition You right now in the Mighty matchless name of Jesus Christ! We thank You that we can boldly enter by the blood of Jesus!
  •  We pray for a spiritual awakening whereby we are sensitized to the leading of the Holy Spirit in every area of our            lives.
  •  We command every demonically influenced voice in our life to be silenced right now by the blood of Jesus Christ.
  •  We overturn the spirit of Jezebel and every spirit of witchcraft and rebellion.
  •  Every spirit of manipulation, domination and control that would try to influence us in any way, we break now. By            the blood of Jesus we overturn it. We arrest it right now and declare satan you have NO authority in our homes, in        our church, in our land or in our nation.
  •  We tear down the structure of Baal and every idol of selfish gain.
  •  We pray divine strategies to be revealed to the conquest of every enemy, for salvation of our loved ones and the            lost. For Progress!!
  •  We call forth deliverance. We call forth divine elevation. We call for a dismantling of every satanic system designed      to hinder or frustrate our destiny.
  •  Every church or person with a demonic assignment, every spiritual harassment that is coming against us, we pull it      down by the blood of Jesus. We declare the blood NOW against the enemy.
  •  In the Name of Jesus we come into total alignment and agreement. We deploy the hand of GOD right now. We              dispatch angels on our behalf right now.
  •  We demand doors of opportunity to be opened now. Whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven. Whatever      we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.
  •  We loose the heart of GOD. We loose the will of GOD. We loose the prophetic Word of GOD. we loose the promises        of GOD.
  •  We take authority right now. We declare that today is our day of divine establishment. That no weapon formed              against shall prosper.
  •  We call every part of our being into divine alignment with the will of GOD.
  •  We bind the spirit of fear and heaviness. We approach the throne boldly. We take authority over every spirit how            and we command the release of every blessing assigned to our ministry, our family and purpose in the Name of            Jesus.