When a shift is happening in our lives, DEEP BROKENNESS will accompany it.
 “Repentance” comes from the Greek word “metanoia,” which means “a change of mind.” Repentance is deep remorse   followed by a significant life change—a heart-and-mind determination to go another direction. John the Baptist was   called to be like a plow from the Holy Spirit to break up the ground of religious inflexibility so the seeds of grace and   love could be planted for a new generation. He was destined to carve out a highway in the wilderness of dead   religion, and this required some deep breaking. Every big move of God and every significant spiritual shift in history   have been preceded by repentance and brokenness. A.W. Pink, who was an English Bible teacher, said, “The Christian   who has stopped repenting has stopped growing.”
 We are a blessed generation with many opportunities and a great future ahead. Yet even in the midst of that, we are   one of the most broken generations in history. Still, we can turn our brokenness into a weapon against the enemy,   commit ourselves to Jesus Christ, tell him we are His, let Him plant His seed in our brokenness, and be instruments of   His glory.
 God has been breaking up our hearts through every struggle we have faced. He has been getting us ready for the seed   of His destiny He is going to plant in our lives.
 Every true move of the Holy Spirit in history has brought a fresh vision of Jesus Christ and a new FOCUS ON JESUS.
 The world has seen many paradigm shifts over the last few generations, including shifts in science, education, politics,   technology, and global connectivity, among others. There will be another major spiritual shift in the earth, and   Christians are going to be part of it.
 God wants to shift today’s generation into a new spiritual dynamic. He wants to shift us from fear to confidence, from   confusion to peace, from bondage to freedom, from pain to power, from pride to humility, from an impoverished   mindset to a realization of our authority in Jesus Christ, and from thinking of ourselves as victims to knowing we are   victors in Christ. God wants to shift us from our addictions to His anointing, from our depression to His delight, from   our selfishness to a spirit of servanthood, from the natural to the supernatural, and He wants to shift today’s church   from death to revival.
 Are you ready for the shift?? Are you teachable or has a root of bitterness settled in? Do you find yourselves   offended???? Once you repent and choose to remain faithful a shift will take place.
 Love you.